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As Striving Minds we focus on audio recording, transcribe, edits and interpreting different local and international languages. Our move calls for an interaction between different countries using different languages based on their nationality. 

Striving Minds carries out this kind of exercise to ensure that accurate quality work and attention to detail is achieved. We strive to maintain the context as contained thereof.

We make use of skilled and qualified audio recorders, transcribers, editors and interpreters backed with internationally recognized and acclaimed Computer Software’s.

Audio Recording

We record verbal conversation process using either a magnetic tape or compact disc mainly to preserve and keep intact an audio event for future reference or use. These can be used for your law case, hearings, meetings, conferences, music, etc.


Striving mind is able to convey/translate messages from one Language to another verbally. We utilise two modes of interpretation; 1. Simultaneous Interpretation mainly used in Conferences, Consultations and Church services. 2. Consecutive or liaison: It is done in sequence using different interpreters and is quite demanding in terms of resources. Examples: UN or SADC conferences.


Converting of Audio Recording into written scripture. Striving Minds utilises Transcribing for your recordings of meetings, court proceedings, seminars, workshops, conferences, disciplinary hearings and interviews

How We Can Help…

  • Audio Recording
  • Interpretation
  • Transcribing
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